25th anniversary rings

Many spouses wear their marriage ceremony rings day and night. When needed as a result of hygiene or to avoid damage, they frequently wear their rings on a necklace. Some cultures exchange extra rings: In some parts of India, Hindu women may wear a toe ring or “bichiya” in its place of a finger ring, but the bichiya is increasingly worn in addition to a finger ring. In jap India, basically in West Bengal, women wear an iron bangle denominated a “loha”. Increasingly, this bangle is plated with gold or silver to improve its appearance. In Romania, spouses have fun their silver marriage ceremony anniversary, i. The color grade scale starts at D, that is the whitest and most pure and ends at Z, which has the most amount of yellow/brown color. D-F is regarded colorless and G-J is considered near colorless. We recommend staying in the D-J color range. Colorless diamonds are known to be the very best quality and near colorless are staggering buys and allow a bigger diamond to be bought because of the price variations. Clarity refers to the amount of flaws that the stone may or might not have. Each level of clarity could have a drastic difference in price. If you wear the bracelets quite often in your work place or for events, you should definitely keep checking them if all of the stones are in place or not. With common usage, the stones in the bracelets might fall off and that spoils the look of the bracelet. Gold and silver bracelets will be wiped clean with standard soap water if you have not used them for plenty days. Do not use harsh detergents to clean them. Dry them correctly and store them in cotton or soft cloth. If at all you see the stones falling off from the bracelets take them to a jeweler and get them changed.