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The bride and groom both wore one of those bands after their engagement, and the 2 bands were reunited during the marriage ceremony. Subsequently, the wife wore the combined ring. [5]Poesy ringsThe poesy ring was a mode of ring that was frequent in the course of the Renaissance era. It was a band of sterling silver inscribed with a poem or “poesy”. [5]Other stylesDifferent cultures used many other historical sorts of wedding ring. For instance, see the picture below of the Byzantine ring depicting Christ uniting bride and groom. Will it be an engagement ring to promise her a lifetime together, or a three-stone diamond ring to commemorate your past, latest and future? The event will assess the sort of ring that you simply are searching for. If the diamond ring is in your engagement, you could agree with purchasing a single diamond it is relatively large in size, called a solitaire. You could also choose a diamond ring with a big centre diamond and smaller diamonds along the edges of the environment for an engagement ring. Also, if the ring that you simply are searching for is a marriage ring, you could believe designs which are custom-made to compare your engagement ring. Diamond eternity bands are favorite choice for wedding rings, as are simple gold or platinum bands as a result of they match many different kinds of engagement rings. The 4CsWhen buying groceries for a diamond ring, much importance could be placed on the exceptional of the centre diamond. We can define that a man is rich by the way she or he dresses, jewelries worn around his or her body. Although there are some who opt to be simple in life despite the fact that their rich. When it comes to jewelries, the first ever and the optimum is rings. Rings are shaped in circle worn around the hand or toe of finger or fingers. There are various styles and types of rings. Engagement Rings are often given to a girl when her man proposed for marriage.