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Rings"Those who cannot afford to spend much money on bracelets with diamonds can get the bracelets embedded with coloured stones. Rubies, emeralds, opals, embers and sapphires are very regularly occurring and these bracelets with stones add glitter and they change the look of the bracelet. These valuable stones too are costly but small pieces won’t cost you much. But one will be very careful while choosing these stones and bracelets. There are many fake diamonds and other stones that can be found available in the market. They look real but they would possibly not be specific. [14] The orthodox Christian Church of Greece has currently stopped appearing betrothal benefits one after the other, as these were often non-committing, and now a betrothal ceremony is the initial part of the marriage service. In many households an off-the-cuff blessing is now performed by the betrothed ones’ fogeys in a family dinner that formalizes the betrothal. The rite of betrothal is now perhaps conducted automatically before the marriage (or “crowning” as it is more correctly called), and the true symbolic act of marriage is not the trade of rings, however the crowning. Historically, the marriage ring was attached to the exchange of valuables at that time of the marriage in place of a symbol of eternal love and devotion, a sign of “earnest money”. According to the 1549 version of the Book of Common Prayer: after the words ‘with this ring I thee wed’ follow the words ‘This gold and silver I give thee’, at which point the groom was intended at hand a leather-based purse full of gold and silver coins to the bride. [15] It is a relic of the times when marriage was a contract among families, not individual lovers. The 4CsWhen looking for a diamond ring, much significance can be put on the high quality of the centre diamond. The basics of buying a diamond are referred to as the 4Cs – cut, color, clarity and carat weight. Let’s check these four factors personally: Cut would refer to two topics: The way wherein the diamond is cut, round stunning, princess, oval, radiant, heart, and pear shapes are probably the most general cuts that can be found. Cut also refers to the good quality of a cutters skill in shaping the diamond. An first-class cut diamond could have way more brilliance then a diamond with a poor cut. Color is self determined by how much yellow or brown a diamond has.