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Rings"This was also the origin of the custom of wearing the marriage ring on the ring finger of the left hand, because the ancient Egyptians believed that this finger enclosed a different vein that was connected directly to the center,[5] denominated in Latin the “Vena amoris”. The Western traditions of wedding rings can be traced to historical Rome and Greece, and were first linked to the marital dowry and later with a promise of fidelity. The modern exchange of rings derived from the customs of Europe in the Middle Ages as a part of Christendom. [6] In america, marriage ceremony rings were initially only worn by wives, but became customary for both husbands and wives in the course of the 20th century. [7]Historical stylesGimmel ringsGimmel ring with the ring opened, in the British MuseumWedding ring of groom and a bride with shadow in sort of heart – symbolic sense of loveDuring the 16th and 17th centuries, European husbands bestowed a gimmel ring upon their wives. Similar to the puzzle ring, the gimmel ring consisted of two interlocking bands. Gold and silver can be wiped clean regularly to bypass damage. If you wear the bracelets quite often on your work place or for parties, be sure to keep checking them if all of the stones are in place or not. With frequent usage, the stones in the bracelets might fall off and that spoils the look of the bracelet. Gold and silver bracelets will be cleaned with ordinary soap water if you haven’t used them for plenty days. Do not use harsh detergents to scrub them. Dry them properly and store them in cotton or soft cloth.